Kamishibai theatre and workshop
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The Gloves, 10.00 - 12.00, Governor's Palace, 2nd Floor Hall B,
Presentation of a paper theater and a creative workshop
The old Ukrainian fairy tale will come to life in the performance of the paper theater. He tells how the old man loses his glove during a frosty day in the woods.
He notices the mouse and moves into it. But she will not remain in the glove for long, because surprising things start to happen ...
As part of the creative workshop, we will stay with fairy tales and develop other stories about fairy gauntlets. We will introduce all animals and all kinds of creatures that can move into the gloves. To record them, we cut the knife-shaped booklet and try the technique that has become the basis of our paper theater.
Come with us spell the characters from the scraps of paper.
Lecturers Eleonora Hamar and Lenka Kamínková

There is a single entrance fee for each workshop: 60, -
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