You could discover and buy the best books, magazines and jigsaws from these publishing houses and bookstores:
Thank you all!


The bookstore can be found in Brno, Prague and alsoas an e-shop. It focuses on publications about art, but also offers children's books, comics, and unique book projects that otherwise do not get distributed. Careful selection of children's books from small and larger publishers combines beautiful design, originality and thoughtful concept.

ArtMap also regularly publishes a guide to contemporary art and books.


Nakladatelství ilustrovaných knih pro děti, se věnuje vydávání původních textů a zajímavých překladů.

Při jejich výtvarném zpracování spolupracuje s nastupující generací výtvarníků.


The It is a new Slovak magazine for children from 6 to 11 years old and their eternally young parents! It solves current themes from music, sport, ecology, science and histiria, instructive or fun comics, activities and games. The magazine writes and draws many high-quality authors, writers, and experts. Bubble also works with stand-up comedians and musicians. The visual side of the magazine is taken care of by contemporary Slovak illustrators. The magazine comes out quarterly and every issue is pumped up with rich content and great illustrations.


Bylo nebylo

The publishing house is characterized by a poetic language, a playful form and a desire to communicate and share. Publishing poetry, but also author's books, children's books and adult fiction. Books are being created by the several authors, carefully crafted and often hand-bound. In addition to the e-shop you will find books in selected bookstores and galleries. 
On Baldur you will see some of the original books of this publishing house.

Cesta domů

This publishing house publishes books for the sick, the survivors, the caregivers, the laic people and the experts. But it also publishes books for children and their grown-ups: books in the hands of the children will help us to get rid of unnecessary fear. The Labyrinth Edition offers inspiration for parents, educators, psychologists and children to talk about important, though sometimes difficult, themes that all concern us.

At Baldur Cesta domů will introduce several new such a tittles!


Dlouhá punčocha 

Is a bookstore that carefully selects the best books for children in Czech, English, Slovak and other languages. You will find books that capture the story, visual concepts, language quality and processing. Books that cultivate the reader's taste and extend horizons, whether these are themes or illustrations. The selection and presentation of books is a great deal of care so you can be "100% sure" when shopping here!

For Baldur a selection of the best foreign children's titles will be presented.


The publishing house mainly publishes contemporary Czech prose, poetry and translation literature. In recent years, children's books and fantasy have grown into his portfolio.
At Baldur festival, one can look forward to a whole lot of news - "The Bear does not want to sleep" from an Ukrainian artist Oksana Buly, a booklet full of games and activities for small discoverers from the authors of the popular Map - "Mapovník" or another series of folding picture books "Year in the Country".


jakost publishing is a Czech independent brand that deals with the publication of non-fiction books for children and teenagers, their parents, grandparents or relatives about things around us, above and below us, between us and with in us. jakost publishing deals with themes such as architecture, urbanism, art, science, the universe, humanity and nature.
We believe that creativity and curiosity are the driving power for humans. We publish both original and translation titles. We are closely watching the foreign production and constantly looking for skillful authors.

At Baldur a new title - Kosmos will be announced.



Raketa children's magazine is published by the Raketa Children's Association in collaboration with the Labyrinth Publishing House, offers a smart and fun alternative to classic commercial children's magazines that a child reader can get on the Czech market. The magazine - designed especially for children aged 5 to 10 - characterizes the original thematic content, the strict absence of advertising and unique artwork, which is attended by a wide group of young authors from the Czech Republic and abroad as well.

Every Raketa ever released will be at Baldur, folowed with the workshop!


An independent publishing house that takes great care of original artwork for children and teenagers, especially original works and the author's book, places great emphasis on the artistic concept of titles. Trying to publish such books that will make it clear to children and young people what the  "beautiful literature" means. With Meander, not only respected authors (from Viole Fischer through Jiří Stránský, Ludvík Vaculík and Daniel Fischer to Václav Havel), as well as the newcomers who debuted in Meander (Petr Nikl, for example, was the author of the Book of the Year in Magnesia Litera ).

At Baldur Meander will introduce it's novelty - a beautiful story that combines the world of children and grandparents...


The studio is dedicated to children's paper games and systems, book culture, illustration and graphic design. The studio is working with various materials as a bearer of a drawing and a story that helps to dawn the imagination of both children and adults. The studio consists of Martina Kups and Elizabeth Zeman.



Publishing house, founded on December 9, 1989, was inspired by the work of graphic designer, painter, writer and mystic Josef Váchal, who regarded the book as an artefact.

For their books, thex strive for the highest quality content and graphics. Gradually, a broad circle of cultural people with a related worldview followed. Paseka is not a publishing house but a lifestyle. Under the headline of Paseka you will find high quality prose, publicity themes, nonfiction, children's books and comics.

The children's books are the famous "Lichožrouti", "Hilda" or "Záleskautka". "The Book of the Young Seeker" was awarded the Golden Ribbon in the Young Fiction category in 2018, and Warren won the all-seeing Golden Ribbon for Best Translation in the same year.

At BaldurPseka will also introduce it's novelty  - the adventurous story of the little boy named Záviš.



Is a small publishing studio of two friends, Martina and Pavla. One draws and the other writes. Little pocketbooks with four friends of Matylda, Kvido, Mai, Alois, and the Pročka cat.

For those who can not read yet, there's a set of educational tools and games to develop reading, writing and fantasy!

Baldur introduces Poketo new story with Mathilda.

It is a team of artists and friends who make picture books and paper products. Each title is unique, made by hand and in small cargo. Books are an experience not only from reading and viewing, but also from the touch! While new technologies quickly become obsolete, paper is still a popular medium. Experience a unique paper adventure with POP - PAP book collections!

A novel on Baldur will be the book "Jedé", but we are also flying and flying! With a traveler with a Elka fly, who takes photos of what he sees. Crazy ride can be watched on the attached map!

Nakladatelství vznikol pro potěšení pro možnost vydávat občas knížky bez kompromisů. Knížky pro radost z jejich obsahu i formy. A stala se zvláštní věc. V den, kdy se křtila první kniha nakladatelství, začala soptit sopka Popocatépetl v Mexiku.

Take Take Take
The publishing house was created with enthusiasm for the quality of graphic books, the fascination with the simplicity of book envelopes from the past, and the disappointment over the approach to the books of many contemporary publishers. Take Take Take does not consider a book as a commodity that has to make the most difference between cost and revenue. How the book will be edited graphically, what format, binding, and paper the font will fit best for the envelope and which the book will be planted for, if the text fits the illustration, and who should create it is just as important as the content itself books.

At Baldur you can admire the novelty: The Illustrated Constitution of the Czech Republic.



Studio Upapæpop was founded in Hradec Kralove in 2014 as an experimental space for print and author's work in the field of graphic design and illustration by joining two fresh Art School graduates. The centerpiece of the studio is the authentic historical printing house with more than 100 cassettes of original Czech fonts used for a classic manual work, and with original cast iron machines. Under the brand Upapæpop, creative products and original paper collections are created.
We like nature, forest, mountains and rivers. Often, therefore, we are reaching for recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

For Baldur Upapæpop will bring some of their handmade products.



Is a small graphic workshop focusing on screen printing. Arranged and founded as self-help thing and as if  pre-determined for the further development. As the screen printing machines, dryers, shelves were slowly managed, the posters, graphics, books are being created. Homemade and in family style. These are expressions that conceal cooperation with the surrounding environment, reliance on one's own strengths and local resources, labor, slowness, imperfection. Our screen printing instead of the living room.

Look forward to see some of this beautyful works at Baldur!

Vršovice 2016

Founded in Vršovice in 2016 by Vratislav Brabence and Richard Pecha. Brabenec, when he does not have a saxophone with Plastikama, he writes poems and some of the prose. Not connected to the network, the phone is switched off for most of the time, and communication with its publisher has been banned. As a result, he usually approached beside Pechu and was sitting there. After the first publishing event (Unsolicited contribution), the team was complemented by Babeta Ondrová, graphic designer and designer. Vršovice publishes the authors' books of the above mentioned. Exceptions are, as always, found. Brabenec and Pecha think that children can read anything if they enjoy it. Baldur will bring one of Indians from last year, Ghost Dance is named. And this year's novel "See Wolves".

To be sure, both are really for children.

Xao Publishing House is a little hideaway behind the same space for illustration and book in Prague's Vršovice, a nonprofit gallery and a bookstore that supports small publishers. It publishes strange comics, books for children a little differently, or what people from XAO have fun!