Baldur and Artmaps are two culturally based platforms situated in Czech Republic. We have joined forces in order to host an annual children’s book festival in Brno. Many festivals like this exist throughout Europe, we however wish to put the focus on small publishers and to do our best involving children and their parents in this process.
Jakost publishers has joined us for 2018 edition.

BALDUR festival has the aim to introduce to a bigger audience the tradition and development of  the children’s book form of the 21st century. The festival will offer a different approach towards the form, in general we will search for the importance of the books and the need for their existence as part of the growing process of a child. The main focus would be given only towards small publishers and self publishing activities,  because in them we are able to recognize the biggest impact for the development of the children’s books nowadays. Through this we would like to explore in which direction the children’s book industry is heading and how modern books can affect the educative, cultural and aesthetic background of a child.